Moral Reasoning

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Communication Through Multiple Contexts--Written (CMC--W)
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Artistic Expression (AE)
Quantitative Literacy (QL)
Scientific Literacy (SL)
Moral Reasoning (MR)
The Individual in Society (IS)
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General Education Justification Form
DOMAIN 5: Moral Reasoning
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and the ascertaining of each objective will be visible within the course content. If your course
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Definition: Moral reasoning involves an ability to recognize the moral implications of various
situations, policies, and decisions, and an appreciation of and respect for the variety of
perspectives operative in a multi-cultural and global context. To act morally and ethically one
must be able to discern a course of action that is consistent with one’s core values in relation to
one’s socio-cultural environment (as these are shaped by religious and philosophical
commitments). Responsible citizenship involves providing publically accessible reasons for
one’s course of action consistent with one’s core values while respecting moral pluralism.
Objectives: Students who complete the General Education program shall demonstrate the ability
Identify the moral relevance of specific behaviors, policies, and/or issues;
Identify the way foundational moral values, grounded in philosophical or
religious worldviews, shape perception and discernment.
Articulate reasons for a course of action consistent with one’s personal moral
values; and
Analyze and explain a moral perspective different from one’s own and provide
reasoned responses to it.
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