Provide new products and services cost

Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology helps
enable businesses to operate more efficiently
and offer more innovative products. It also
empowers better-informed decision making—
for instance, usage-based insurance (UBI)
that can reward drivers for safe behaviors.
But for the technology to be affordable, data
transmission costs can’t rise too high.
Provide new
products and
services costeffectively
with Verizon
Wireless M2M
A major auto insurance company turned to
Verizon to help keep its UBI offering costeffective. The company had been relying on
another telecommunications company to
transmit data on its UBI customers’ driving
habits to insurance company computers.
A problem arose when the telecom company
decided to phase out its 2G wireless
network and offer only 3G and 4G. These
faster wireless connectivity options are not
cost-effective or necessary for some M2M
applications, such as UBI data collection.
Verizon continues to offer a range of connectivity
speeds, including 2G, and was able to provide
a more affordable option for the insurance
company. Verizon worked with a telematics
Just over one half (51%) of
organizations in one survey
had already deployed or piloted
M2M technology.1
device manufacturer to create a UBI device
that would work on the Verizon CDMA
network—replacing devices that only worked
on the other company’s GSM wireless network.
The solution means the insurance company
can continue offering a product that helps it
price insurance more accurately and reward
safe drivers with lower premiums.
M2M delivers data that helps
businesses work smarter.
As more and more businesses implement M2M
solutions, they’re seeing how the technology
is revolutionizing the way business gets done.
When machines are connected, you get
valuable real-time data that helps you make
better-informed decisions and identify where
processes and operations can be streamlined.
M2M technology can help you:
• Improve customer service and productivity
by tracking shipments from dock to door.
With automated real-time alerts about
unexpected issues, you can quickly reroute
vehicles or update delivery estimates with
up-to-the-minute information.
• Reduce theft and loss by monitoring job
sites and assets from any Web browser. Set
parameters to notify you when conditions
change or assets go out of preset boundaries.
• Increase fleet safety with vehicle sensors
that measure and report on driver location
and behavior, as well as vehicle and asset
conditions and maintenance needs.
• Take advantage of every sales opportunity by
keeping products stocked in wireless kiosks
that let you know when they’re running low
on any items.
Machine-to-Machine solutions from Verizon
can benefit practically any industry. Following
are a few examples:
With M2M technology, home healthcare can be
more effective than ever. Costly hospital stays
can be reduced by outfitting patients at home
with devices that monitor their conditions and
alert doctors only when necessary. Patients
can also connect remotely with clinicians for
consultations or to get answers to questions.
Verizon is a leader
in M2M, helping
businesses design,
implement and
manage connectedmachine strategies.
By employing M2M technology in your store,
you can create a more personalized and
effective customer experience. Imagine
if sensors could automatically identify
repeat customers with a signal from their
smartphones. You could send VIP offers right
to their phones while they’re in the store and
greet them by name. Digital signs around
the store or at the checkout counter could
serve up personalized promotions directed at
individual customers.
Transportation and distribution
Help keep drivers safe with an M2M system
in vehicles that monitors and reports on
driver behaviors in the field, such as speeding,
hard braking and idling. Help reduce vehicle
1. “Verizon Quick Poll Series Results,” April 2013.
2. Dave Evans, The Internet of Things: How the Next Evolution of the Internet Is Changing Everything, Cisco Systems, April 2011.
UC01131015 Network details & coverage maps at © 2015 Verizon Wireless.
downtime and anticipate repair needs with
accurate data from trucks about condition and
wear. You can even maintain a close eye on
the fleet with geofencing, which allows you to
preset geographical zones where your drivers
can be. Help cut down on misuse of vehicles or
misreporting of hours with alerts when a driver
crosses zone boundaries.
Worldwide, 50 billion devices
will be connected by 2020. 2
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