LAA ČR Microlight Certification Process

LAA ČR Microlight Certification Process
Microlight Technical Certification is one of the key LAA ČR activity.
65 LAA ČR Type Certificates have been issued since 1990!
Certification Administration
• The LAA ČR system of proving the airworthiness is based on
technical inspectors. For the three-axis control UL category
there are 24 appointed inspectors.
• The technical inspectors are appointed and managed by the
Chief Technical Inspector, who is an employee of the LAA ČR.
• The inspectors are not employees of the LAA ČR and their duty
is carried out on the voluntary (activist) basis.
• The inspectors are spread regionally accross the Czech
• The inspectors file their registers of aircraft and have allotted
their identification letters in the registration mark.
LAA ČR recognises 3 types of technical certificates:
a technical certificate (TC) of airworthiness of a prototype of an
aeroplane, built by an individual builder. The documentation of
the basic calculation is required; a building process supervision
by the technical inspector and at least strength test of the wing
is mandatory.
Validity of the TC = 1 year
a technical certificate of airworthiness of an aeroplane that was
granted a LAA ČR type certificate. A comprehensive range of
stress (load) tests is carried out and the aircraft is tested up to
ultimate (maximum calculated) loads. The approval procedure
is carried out as an opponency. The final decision lies with the
Technical commission of the LAA, where 10 top class specialists
convene and decide. The technical commission is managed by
the Chief Technical Inspector. The complete documentation is
filed in the LAA ČR archive. The result of the process is the Type
Validity of the TC = 2 years
a technical certificate of airworthiness of an aeroplane, amateur/home-built according to a documentation of aeroplane that
was granted a Type certificate. The documentation has to be
purchased officially from the Type certificate holder. The technical
inspector carries out the supervision during the building process;
a wing stress test to the maximum operational (limit) load is
always required.
Validity of the TC = 2 years.
LAA ČR Concept of Certification Stress/Strength Tests
• Serve to prove the basic structural strength of all primary
structure parts of the aircraft, such as wing, fuselage, empennage etc.
• Each structure has to pass a system of strength tests covering
the requirements of the regulations to at least the calculated
limit loads.
• The tests are carried out by the manufacturer under the supervision from the LAA ČR.
• Simple loading methods are used.
• The tests are carried out until the calculated limit stress/load
is achieved.
• The visual checks and measurements of the deformation are
carried out too.
• Wings ultimate strength (loading to destruction) tests are preferred to ascertain the actual strength reserves of the airframe
– for „P“ Technical Certificate.
• The failed critical points of structures are often appropriately
strengthened and the tests are repeated to find eventual other
critical points.
• The tests results are in case of failures compared to the design
calculations and thus they serve to precise design calculation
Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic
The Civil Aviation Authority
is established by the Act
No 49/1997 Coll. on civil
aviation to carry out the
state administration of all
matters to do with civil
aviation. State supervision
in civil aviation is carried
out by state employees of
the Civil Aviation Authority
within the scope of their
powers specified by the
Act on Civil Aviation, implementing rules and relevant regulations
and directives and other documents specified by the European
Communities and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The
Civil Aviation Authority works together with EASA and is presented as
a fully standardized and respected National Aviation Authority.
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LAA ČR is an association of pilots, builders, designers, manufacturers and operators of light aircraft with MTOM up to 450 kg.
It has more than 7 000 members. LAA ČR is the designated authority for certification, licensing and operation of microlights
in the Czech Republic. This covers paragliding, powered paragliding, hang gliding, gyroplanes, helicopters, weight shift and
aerodynamically controlled microlight. LAA CR supports the creation of stand alone 600 kg LSA category in Europe.
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