McGraw Hill Companies

Location: Marina Bay Financial Centre
McGraw Hill Companies
The design direction for the McGraw Hill Companies office was inspired from the Multi-Cultural Asian
context in Singapore. The introduction of cultural screens is to reflect and create an identity to it’s
Asian presence locally. These array of screens adds a layer of dimension to spaces providing semiprivate areas and feature backdrops.
The secondary material that would be incorporated is fabric from Asia. The rich texture and unique
colours would add a blend of distinctive flavour to the overall design. These assortment of fabrics
could be used to define areas and departments through different selection of Asian countries.
The Colour Scheme is kept muted with tones of whites and Champagne. The soothing palette aids to
accentuate the space in light of creating a sense of openness. Accents of matte gold is introduced
to induce elegance and sophistication to the general colour scheme.
237B Victoria Street S188028