1(i) Introduction to Resene`s specification and product data manuals

Jul 2009
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minimise the effect of your project on the environment – see the Resene website
1(i) Introduction
In New Zealand: Resene Paints Limited, Vogel Street, PO Box 38242, Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5045
Phone 0800 RESENE (737 363) Fax (04) 577 0600 Email advice@resene.co.nz or visit www.resene.co.nz
This specification and product data manual details architectural and decorative coatings for painting
new work, painting weathered unpainted substrates and repainting.
The manual has been designed to incorporate:
• Preamble and painting schedule
• Architectural and specialist coatings information
• One-Line Specifications
• Surface preparation
• Product Data Sheets
All information contained in this manual is re-validated every two years. Please ensure current information
is consulted prior to specification or application of Resene products.
Every painting contract has its own peculiar set of problems for which even this manual may not provide
all the answers. In these circumstances Resene welcomes and prefers the opportunity to assist in drawing
up customised specifications to ensure maximum benefits from using the Resene range of products.
Expertise is available in the fields of corrosion protection, waterproofing and decorative effects. Specifiers
are urged to use the freely available expertise at every opportunity. Call us, visit our website, or call into
your local Resene ColorShop for assistance.
In Australia: Resene Paints (Aust) Limited, 7 Production Ave, PO Box 785, Ashmore City, Queensland 4214
Phone 1800 738 383 Fax 1800 064 960 Email advice@resene.com.au or visit www.resene.com.au
Resene has had no other goal since its inception than to independently design coatings for use in the
local environment, on locally produced substrates and designed in our unique manner. Our experience,
along with being ISO 9001 accredited, permits Resene to guarantee its products for consistency
and performance.
Resene Engineered Coating Systems
Resene offer a range of protective, industrial and marine coatings, capable of dealing with on and offshore
corrosion and protecting many substrates in aggressive environments.
For harsh and demanding environments that require the greatest protection, including anti-graffiti
coatings see the Resene Engineered Coating Systems manual or contact Resene.
Competent professional advice is available from trained field staff in the following areas:
• Inspection and written report on plant or conditions
• Preparation of, or assistance in, developing coating specifications
• Practical on-site assistance where required
• Application training
• Estimation of quantities
• Colour matching and colour development
Section 3(G) of this manual contains a selection of Resene Engineered Coating Systems Data Sheets. For detailed information see the Resene Engineered Coating Systems manual.
Automotive finishes - Resene Automotive and Performance Coatings
Resene Automotive and Performance Coatings is a 100% owned subsidiary of Resene, which manufactures
a range of finishes for the automotive market. These paints, although designed for automotive
vehicles, may be used on a wide variety of substrates for special effect and performance paint finishes.
See www.resene.co.nz/automotive.htm for further information on Resene Automotive and
Performance Coatings.
If in doubt about any aspect of your specification please contact Resene.
Printed on environmentally responsible paper, which complies with the requirements of environmental management systems FSC Chain of Custody and ISO14001, using vegetable-based inks. Please recycle.