Chemist 1  3‐5 years experience working with coatings    Position Responsibilities:

Chemist 1 3‐5 years experience working with coatings Position Responsibilities:
The Chemist position is accountable for contributing to the assessment,
development, reformulation, maintenance, and enhancement of products
through planning, executing and analysis of experiments with clear and
accurate results.
Experienced in the selection and use of chemicals, raw materials,
a variety of substrates and instruments.
Responsible for inputting data, data analysis and technical documentation.
Functioning under supervision of a team or group lead, with the
opportunity lead individual or group on a host projects.
Product development and/or enhanced with consistent in performance and
Utilizing advanced technologies to develop products that demonstrate
improvements and difference that consumer can perceive and will desire.
Performing basic paint making processes, meets manufactures specifications
Performing basic coating formulations, applications and
physical/performance testing methods
Providing timely and accurate data to help resolve field complaints, raw
material issues, manufacturing problems, and support existing and new
product development
Experience Required:
Demonstrated knowledge and use of chemicals, raw materials, substrates and
Experience with solvent-borne and water-borne arcylic, alkyd, epoxy and
urethane chemistries
Excellent organizational and communication skills
Application and troubleshooting of flooring and general industrial
Problem solving skills
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
The willingness to take on additional responsibilities and to challenge
yourself to grow.
Education Required:
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or a Chemistry related degree