Copyediting: Vocabulary sentences

Copyediting: Vocabulary sentences
Explain the problem(s) with each of the following sentences and revise each (or query the author
for the information you’d need to revise the sentence).
1. A veneer in computer science is basically a small piece of code that hides details of an
implementation and provides a simple, and more standard interface for the user.
2. He used the archive as a reference for the upcoming baseball story.
3. In order to expiate competition Wal-mart sells goods at lower cost.
4. After Tony graduated, he gave money back to his alma mater, Brown University.
5. From his sick and perverse sense of humor, Josh was known by his friends as a very
ribald person.
6. The frat house became a midden from the lack of cleaning and growing amount of pizza
7. Billy designed a logic bomb to destroy his father’s computer after he was grounded.
8. The hardware store made the directions in modularity so that anyone is able to assemble
the bookshelf.
9. Long ago, gypsies were thought to be knavery at their line of work.
10. The study was found to have low internal validity because the researchers failed to
account for extraneous variables that acted on the independent variable.