Composition Program Class/Exam Tally Sheet

Composition Program Class/Exam Tally Sheet
Please fill out the following sheet and return it to the director’s mailbox by
the time grades are due. Thanks!
Your Name:________________________________________________
Course (Circle one): 1A
Section number (please fill out a different sheet for each section):
Student Name
Exam Grade
Class Grade
Please indicate the number of the following:
On the exam:
A:___ A-:___ B:___
B-:___ C:___ C-:___
D+:___ D:___ F:____
Final Class Grade:
A:___ A-:___ B+:___ B:___
B-:___ C+:___ C:___ C-:___
D+: ___ D:___ D-:____
NC (100WB only): ___