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SPH4U: Physics, Grade 12, University Preparation
Unit 1: Motion in a Plane: Unit Overview
Strand B. Dynamics
Big Ideas:
• Forces affect motion in predictable and quantifiable ways.
• Forces acting on an object will determine the motion of that object.
• Many technologies that utilize the principles of dynamics have societal and
environmental implications.
In the first half of this unit in this course, you will be re-introduced to many terms,
variables, and equations learned in Grade 11 Kinematics. You will apply these previously
learned concepts to two-dimensional situations. In the first activity, you will learn and practice
the skill of adding and subtracting two-dimensional vectors, with a special emphasis on vector
components. Then you will apply your understanding of vectors to relative velocity situations
and projectile motion. Throughout the unit, you will find yourself engaging in interactive learning
activities and discussions with classmates. Near the end, you will engage in an inquiry
investigation in which you design and build a projectile device and use it to collect projectile
motion data. Linking the physics in this unit to technological applications, you will research and
write about a projectile weapon. The unit will culminate with an evaluation of your knowledge
and skills in the form of a unit test.
Activity 1: Working with Vectors
Activity 2: Relative Motion
Activity 3: Kinematics Review
Activity 4: Projectile Motion
Activity 5: Assignment and Discussion (This is worth Marks)
Activity 6: Unit Test
Activity 7: Investigation (Lab: Projectile Motion, This is worth marks)