Minnesota State University, Mankato IFC Agenda
Thursday September 8, 2011
Call to Order: 6:00pm
Roll Call:
II. Approval of Minutes: 8/25/11
III. Approval of Agenda: 9/8/11
Officer Reports:
Vice President of Community Service and Philanthropy, Mr. Eugene Vazemiller:
eugene.vazemiller@mnsu.edu (952) 913-3938
Chapter Community Service hours
Email updated contact information for chapter community service chairs
Community Service Round Tables TBD soon
Vice President of Risk Management, Mr. Zach Miller:
zachary.miller@mnsu.edu (507) 327-3859
Hazing Prevention Week (September 19-26)
o THEME: Why does everyone have to be naked?
o Banner Contest with Theme; winning chapter receives a $100 gift card to Buffalo
Wild Wings; Due Wednesday Sept 21st
o Tabling the 19th-22rd (10am-1pm) each chapter needs to have volunteers during the
week for sessions a minimum of one hour
o -Mon: Myths and Facts
o -Tue: Would you know it if you saw it?
o -Wed: Cardboard Cutouts
o -Thurs: It’s not just Greeks
o Banner for Students to sign saying they will report hazing when they see it; have it
by the table all week for tables to sign
o Phi Delta Theta; presentation for the All Greek meeting following HPW
o Social Planning Forms: Lambda Chi Alpha Exchange & Spagammie both passed
Vice President of Conduct Review, Mr. Matthew Ward:
matthew.ward-1@mnsu.edu (507) 382-6379
Chapter delegate needs to be chosen and emailed to me by 6:00pm Tuesday (9/13/2011)
o Requirements: board members must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5+
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Membership Development, Mr. Steven Sporre:
steven.sporre@mnsu.edu (507) 330-1403
New Member Work Shop (9/21/2011) @ 9:00pm CSU Ostrander Auditorium
o Tentative for additional New Member Work Shops.
GLC 12:30-4:00pm (9/25/2011) Check in begins @ 12:00
o Please wear jeans and letters, as we will be taking the ALL GREEK photo
Vice President of Recruitment, Vacant
Vice President of Public Relations, Vacant
Vice President of Council Management, Mr. Steven Yetter:
steven.yetter@mnsu.edu (612) 306-6933
Working on updating IFC bylaws
President, Mr. Cody Buechner:
cody.buechner@mnsu.edu (507)766-0295
Chapter 1:1s
Expansion Interests
All Greek – Thank you for all your participation
Greek Advisor, Mr. John Bulcock:
john.bulcock@mnsu.edu (507) 389-6076
Out of Office Friday-Wednesday
Need Roster from Phi Kappa Psi
Please schedule 1-on-1 meetings if you haven’t already.
Sandwich boards are being phased out in the CSU. New stands allow for signs to be 22”x28”
Mike Ramirez looking for orgs to help with Mavericks After Dark on
9/17. Contact michael.ramirez@mnsu.edu if interested.
Greek Graduate Intern, Mrs. Ashely Portra:
Dance Marathon is going really well right now
The first meeting will be Friday September 23 at 7pm at downtown BWW (Otis Lounge) – get to
know the members and the goals of the committees
Look for the blue Dance Marathon t-shirts Tuesday 13 in the CSU 12:00-3:00pm
Would love to have alumni involvement for her Greek History story that she is writing. They can be
interviewed so that there can be personal accounts in the story. Any members or alumni that would
be good for this are welcome to be referred to her.
Basket Auction at the end of the month will be
Old Business:
I move to open up nominations for VP of Recruitment & VP of Public Relations.
o VP of Recruitment
o VP of Public Relations
 Alex Johnson
Erik Heller
What is your Major?
Follow up: what is your work load look like this semester?
Have you held any offices in your chapter or any RSO’s on campus?
John Bulcock
What is the difference between Marketing and Public Relations?
New Business:
I move to open up elections for VP of Recruitment & VP of Public Relations
 VP of Recruitment
 VP of Public Relations
 Alex Johnson
Whereas: The fraternity community is healthy and ever-growing
Whereas: There is a group of men interested in starting a new fraternity on campus
Be it Resolved: The Interfraternity Council begin the expansion process
 Motion passed
I move to open up nominations for VP of Community Service
Matt Lindquist
SPAGAMMIE is tomorrow at the Lambda Chi Alpha house @ 408 North Broad St.
 Next week Tau Kappa Epsilon will be doing there meet raffle in the CSU
 If you need help publishing your events on the back page of the Reporter contact AJ or Cody
 Lambda Chi Alpha will be having there ELC coming to visit for the weekend
Meeting Adjourned at 6:34pm