Addendum to tender no. ICER/SH/2015/1002
Clarifications (technical)
1) Vendors may choose to provide only exact number of network cables (infiniband and Ethernet)
as well as power cords, needed to connect the total number of compute, post-processing and
master nodes as well as home directory space and lustre scratch space to the IB and ethernet
backplanes as mentioned in the technical specifications.
2) The two master nodes and three post-processing nodes will be used as login nodes into the
cluster. Load balancing of user logins need not be implemented on these nodes.
3) It should be possible to submit jobs to the same set of queues on the cluster from either master
4) Vendor supported version of Lustre (v 2.4 or later) is also technically admissible.
Clarifications (Non-technical)
1) The bidders should atleast have a service unit in Bangalore in order to be able to attend to
service requests in order to be considered eligible.
2) Vendors may choose to quote prices for all or part of the materials to be supplied in non-rupee
currency, on CIF Bangalore International Airport basis.
3) The final price for comparison of technically qualified bids will be determined by adding up
a. The total value of all non-rupee denominated materials, converted to rupees using the
exchange rate applicable on the day of commercial bid opening.
b. The total value of all rupee denominated materials.
c. Any applicable taxes and duties in each case.
4) The delivery deadline for non-rupee denominated materials is within 8 weeks after release of
5) The delivery deadline for rupee denominated materials is within 8 weeks after release of PO.
6) Final complete bids must be submitted in the ICER office on or before 12th June, 2015 by 12:00
noon or earlier.