Jamaica Louise James Study Guide – Lesson 11

Jamaica Louise James
Study Guide – Lesson 11
Comprehension Skill: Author’s Purpose – The students will be able to
identify the reason an author wrote a story.
Phonics Skill: Digraphs ch, tch, sh, th; Syllable Pattern VCCV
Fluency: Punctuation
Grammar: Abbreviations
Writing Skills:
Personal Narrative – Tells a true story about something that happened in
your life.
High-Frequency Vocabulary Words:
bought – you got something by paying money for it
draw – to make a picture with a pencil or pen
especially – more than usually; particularly
minute – a unit or time equal to 60 seconds
picture – an image of something, such as a painting, photograph, or
question – a sentence that asks something
sure – having no doubt; certain; confident
worry – to be anxious or uneasy about something
Robust Vocabulary Words:
filthy – something that is very dirty
fellow – a person who has something in common with you
executive – someone who is a boss in charge of a business
renowned – you are famous for something
kin – all of your family members and relatives
original – it is the first of its kind
adorn – you decorate something and make it beautiful
beautifying – when you make something nicer or beautiful than it was