Upcoming Dates Mrs. Smith’s Scholars August 24, 2015


Every Monday I will be sending home a weekly newsletter. Starting September 14 I will send home weekly homework packet on Monday that will be due on Friday. Most of the homework will involve reading for 20 minutes a night. Students who read 20 minutes or more a night make faster progress in reading. Students may read books from home, library books, or if you need books at home let me know and I can let students borrow books.

Students may bring a fruit, vegetable, or yogurt for snack every day.

They may also keep a water bottle on their desk. Our class is a nut free zone so please do not send in any peanut butter or nut products.

Thank you.

What we are covering in class…..

Reading- We are reading Fables. Students will compare 2 versions of a fable. Students will read a fable and sequence the events and will discover the moral.

Math- Students will apply strategies to strengthen their skills to solve addition equations to sums of 20.

Science- Students will identify the parts of plants and their purpose. Students will identify the needs of plants. Students will apply that knowledge during an experiment growing seeds in different environments.

Word Work- Students will write words using their knowledge of long and short vowel sounds.

Writing- Students will write a paragraph on topic with complete sentences.

Mrs. Smith’s Scholars

August 24, 2015

Notes from the teacher:

Please feel free to contact me about any questions or concerns. It also really helps me if you send me any information that will help me meet your child’s needs. If your child has a late night or is having trouble with allergies an update will let me know to keep a special eye on them.

Contact Information Mrs. Smith(630-393-1787)


Upcoming Dates

September 1 Curriculum

Night 6:40 pm

Please come and hear about what your child will be learning this year. There will be plenty of time for questions so jot them down and bring them with you.

September 7- No School

Labor Day

September 14 – Weekly

Homework will start