Mrs. Lendy 2nd Grade News November 2, 2015 Literacy/Reading

Mrs. Lendy
2nd Grade News
November 2, 2015
*We continue to review initial, ending and
middle vowel sounds in words. We have
also been reviewing and practicing using
*We will use rulers to determine
blends and digraphs in our reading and
the length of sides on a shape.
*We will explore the 3D shape-
Mastery program daily
*We continue to work in the SRA Reading
*We continue to work with the Michael
Heggerty Phonemic Awareness program.
*We continue to read daily from a
variety of sources.
*We continue to reinforce previously
learned high frequency words
* We are writing sentences to go along
Please continue to read nightly with
your child. Please keep your child’s
book in his/her folder and return
each day-even if the book has not
been mastered. Signing your child’s
book lets me know you have read with
your child. We will read the book
again at school. Your child will get a
new book once he/she can
demonstrate the ability to read the
book fluently with minimal errors.
with our reading, focusing on detail.
Noteworthy News
-The end of the trimester is quickly
approaching! I will continue with goal
assessments to determine progress.
These updates will come home with report
cards in a separate envelope.
-We have begun work in the Number
Worlds math program to help remediate
deficient areas.