Mrs. Lendy 2nd Grade News September 14 Literacy/Reading

Mrs. Lendy
2nd Grade News
September 14
*We continue to practice in
order to demonstrate the ability
to quickly identify the partners
of 10 (1,9; 2,8; 3,7; 4,6; 5,5).
*We are working toward mastery
of teen numbers (10+3=13,
10+6=16, etc)
*We are working identification
of doubles facts as well as
practicing doubles plus 1 to help
solve math equations.
*We continue to review initial, ending and
middle vowel sounds in words. We have
also been reviewing and practicing using
blends and digraphs in our reading and
*We continue to work in the SRA Reading
Mastery program-picking up where we
left off last year. The students are
finishing up book 2 and are getting ready
to move on to book 3!
*We continue to read daily from a
variety of sources.
*We continue to reinforce previously
learned high frequency words
Please continue to read nightly with
your child. Please keep book in folder
and return each day-even if the book
has not been mastered. We will read
it again at school. Your child will get
a new book once he/she can
demonstrate the ability to read the
book fluently with minimal errors.
Noteworthy News
Your child will finish up with beginning
of the year school-wide assessments
this week.