Literacy/Reading Mrs. Lendy 2nd Grade News May 2, 2016

Mrs. Lendy
2nd Grade News
May 2, 2016
Worlds/Core Curriculum
-We continue to work on collecting,
organizing and interpreting data in a
-We continue to work toward mastery
of math skills. These include: skip
counting, addition and subtraction,
solving word problems, measurement,
time, money.
*We will continue to make words containing
blends and digraphs, and write dictated
sentences using these words. (Jason and Zoe)
*We continue to work in the SRA Reading
Mastery program daily (Zoe and Jason)
*We continue to work with the Michael
Heggerty Phonemic Awareness program.
*We continue to read daily from a variety of
*We continue to reinforce previously learned
high frequency words
* We are writing sentences to go along with our
reading, focusing on adding detail.
*We continue work on various comprehension
skills as we read The Case of the Stinky Socks
( James and Joey).
Please continue to read nightly with
your child. Please keep your child’s
book in his/her folder and return
each day-even if the book has not
been mastered. Signing your child’s
book lets me know you have read with
your child. We will read the book
again at school. Your child will get a
new book once he/she can
demonstrate the ability to read the
book fluently with minimal errors.
Noteworthy News
The students will bid farewell to our
student teacher on Wednesday. She
has been here for 16 weeks! All the
students were able to benefit from the
extra pair of hands.