Mrs. Ramirez November Week 13 Conference Time: 2:40-3:15

Mrs. Ramirez
November Week 13
Conference Time: 2:40-3:15
MOMS meeting
Tue @ 9-10 am
Parent Classes
Thursday @ 9-10 am
Hello Parents,
We will be receiving our Progress Reports for the 3wks.
Please sign and return and if you need to meet with me,
please call ahead of time so that I can make sure to
schedule you for a conference.
Homework for this week is only for math so that you can get
started on your Turkey in Disguise. Remember it is due on
the 9th of November.
Spelling Test Friday
on following
 see
 go
 the
 we
This week we will be learning:
• Numbers 11-15.
• Location of an object
(above/below/behind//in front
of/beside/beneath, between,
up/down, left/right)
• Retell a story's beginning, middle, and end
• Letters and words of the week: Tt, Ii, see, go
About customs &
holidays and parades.
Different ways that
objects can move
(straight line/zig zag/up
& down/back &
forth/round & round/fast
& slow)
November Birthdays:
Mrs. Ramirez 11/23
Camila Hernandez 11/28
Axcel Guajardo 11/29