Electromagnetic Spectrum
• E.Q. Describe how the electromagnetic
spectrum is organized.
• Spectrum? It’s a scale used to put things in
order. We will organize radiation.
• Radiation – There are 7 types and they all
move the speed of light.
1. Radio Waves
• Comes from anything with a magnetic field
such as Earth, nebulas, and galaxies.
• Used for communication through old
fashioned TV or music from the radio.
• The waves are about a football field apart
from each other.
2. Microwaves
• Used for communication and cooking.
• Cell phones, wifi, and radar use microwaves.
• Waves are a “butterfly” apart from each other.
3. Infrared
• Given by heated objects.
• Used to see heat or cold.
• For example: Bigfoot hunters and Ghost
hunters use infrared cameras to see heat or
absence of heat.
• Size: needle point
4. Visible Light
• Radiation humans can see.
• Rainbow – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,
Indigo, Violet.
• Roy G. Biv
• Size: protozoa
5. Ultraviolet
Comes from Sun
Causes sunburn and skin cancer
Tanning beds use ultraviolet light with no heat
Size: molecule
6. X-rays
• Come from blackholes, supernovas, neutron
stars, Sun, some comets.
• Used to see bones and teeth
• Size: atom
7. Gamma Rays
• Come from the radioactive decay of atomic
• Occurs in supernova, neutron star, and areas
around blackholes.
• Size: nucleus of an atom.
Use ruler to draw 2 lines
Draw waves from long to short
Label the left
Put visible light in the center
Glue colored strips
Draw lines to insert rainbow in the
Label all types of radiation
Insert the measurements
Draw and color a symbol or diagram
for each type of radiation