Welcome to Mrs. Lujan’s 6 grade Math Class!!

Welcome to Mrs. Lujan’s 6th grade Math Class!!
Dear Parents,
I would like to welcome you and your child to my class this 2015-2016 school year. I am looking
forward to working with your child in making sure that many Math skills and concepts are being
learned that will prepare him/her for the STAAR Math test.
I would also like to make you aware of some of the expectations I will have of your child in my
class. First of all, homework will be assigned twice a week. The homework assigned will be an
extension of the lesson covered. Homework is due the next day. I will be available for any help
on homework starting at 7:00 every morning or after school. Your child will be given a Morning
Math Pass that he/she can use to be allowed to come into my classroom for help. In addition
to homework, your child will be assigned problems of the week on Monday, and they will be
due on Friday of that week. Finally, I want you to know the grading scale that will be used
district wide. Daily assignments (homework and problems of the week) will count as 60% of the
report card grade. Tests and/or projects will count as 30% of the report card grade, and the
final 9 week test will count as 10% of the report card grade.
If you have any questions concerning the above information, please feel free to contact me via
email or by phone. I am looking forward to meeting you and working together with you for the
success of your child in my class.