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Ivette Urbina
Urban sociology
extra credit
Fashion Fiasco
The article is informative when it describes a piece of history, dating back to the
1800’s, and how globalization made it possible to expand the fashion industry and make
it successful. However the fashion industry in the city is having some economical
The problem arises because stores such as Macys or Sears have limited the
amount of clothing it orders from factories or charges designers for pieces they did not
sell throughout the year. Samantha Cortes owner of Fashion Design concepts is fearful
that the industry needs to find ways that will benefit the fashion industry and that it may
also keep their reputation.
The unemployment in the industry has been quite significant than in other years,
nevertheless there is still an opportunity to recover from this meltdown. New York City is
optimistic for consumer buying habits, there might be chances for factories within New
York to open and share space for business.
Retail and small boutiques can feel the recession that s hitting the city, they want
to do everything possible to maintain the prestige and also make the clothing affordable
for consumers. This process will eventually have to be made through sacrifice and will
mean that technology and human power may work together to bring the industry back up.