Instructional Plan Template workshop

Instructional Plan Template Stirring the Pot: The Rebellion Begins workshop
Activity Name/Grade
level/Subject area
Activity Overview
Goal: What new or deeper concepts, ideas or understanding do you want your students to have?
Specific State Standards
Time Required—no more
than a 3-6 hour lesson—
can be within a larger
lesson. If so, describe.
Describe--the unit you
will be teaching when
you plan to insert this
instructional plan
what must you or the
students have on hand to
do this activity?
Preparation—what must
you and your students
know before you can
teach this plan?
Procedure—in clear,
sequential steps, outline how the plan will
progress; highlight the
inquiry and/or
hypothesis testing
Product—Describe the
product/s your students
will create as the
assessment for your
how will you measure
that your objectives were
reached and the
standards met in the
student product?