ESRA OZDENEROL - The research that I undertook during my PDA focused on my proposed book
project related to geographic information systems and its applications to health disparities. The first
component of the research explored the spatial methods and geographic techniques used for mapping the
health disparities. The second component was a more focused examination of the data types and how it is
applied to different health disparity topics such as obesity, lead toxicity, etc.
During the PDA I was able to complete my book proposal and first two chapters of literature review and
data collection for the first component of the project. This consisted primarily of compiling relevant
health data at various geographic levels and U.S. census demographics. At present, I am analyzing the
data with how to present it with GIS software as exercise component of a text book. The investigation of
obtaining health data has proceeded more slowly, in part because of limitations in standardized data
sources and difficulty gaining access and guidelines. Nevertheless, I made substantial progress in the first
two chapters which will be ready to send to a publisher. Fortunately, I was able meet this goal and make
substantial progress toward completion of remaining chapters.
I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to spend a half year on leave, and I believe that the
university’s investment in this PDA will continue to yield benefits for the institution. These include
external funding, academic publications, and visibility within a large, non-academic audience for work on
a trend of major significance in the Memphis area and wider region