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Supplementary Figure 1. Heliconius melpomene BAC clone tile path spanning the HmB locus and part of the HmD locus. BAC ends of
clones were sequenced using vector primers t7 and sp6. BAC specific primers were then designed to determine clone orientation and contig
overlap using PCR. Most clones were designated “t7” or “sp6” ends. Arrows represent a BAC end marker that amplified in an overlapping
clone, and thick grey bars separate contigs. The HmB locus is between BAC ends 7G5_sp6 and 28F19_sp6. The HmD locus is not located
beyond 28F19_sp6. Clone length is estimated based on BAC fingerprint data. Additional clones within each contig are available from
Supplementary table 1, or from