College Alc Reflection Paper

College Alc Reflection Paper
Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
210 Mendenhall Student Center
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
(252) 328-6824
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Based on your meeting with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
staff regarding your situation, you have been assigned to reflect on your
behavior and the choices you have made. As you examine your use of alcohol,
please complete each question within this booklet. Please take the time to write
clear, well-developed answers that demonstrate your understanding of the topic
area. This assignment is not to be used as an opportunity to criticize policies or
Your answers must be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman style, single-spaced,
and in essay format. Your response is expected to fill the space provided failure to do so may result in you being required to do the assignment again.
If you have questions, please contact the staff member who assigned you this
1. Calculate your BAC level on a typical night of drinking (be realistic!). Explain what impacts BAC and
how you calculated yours. Discuss what this BAC number means and what risks it may (or may not) pose
for you. Also, describe what a “blackout” is and why it occurs.
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2. Explain “harm-reduction” principles for alcohol use and cite at least six ways that students can minimize
their risk from drinking and its consequences. Additionally, discuss at least three harm-reduction principles
that you have already used or will use in the future.
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3. Discuss specific ways in which you can moderate your use of alcohol. What other activities can you be
involved in when you are not drinking alcohol? Are there any particular pressures on you to drink at ECU
that may affect this?
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4. Describe at least three of your goals for while you are in college (be specific) and what you are doing or
not doing to reach these goals. Describe how the use of alcohol may interfere with these goals (simply
stating “I might get suspended” is NOT acceptable).
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