Career Outcomes by Academic Program

Career Outcomes by Academic Program
Purpose and Methodology
The purpose of the graduate career outcomes study is to annually collect and report
employment, graduate school, and current demographic data for each of the respondents. The
respondents are asked 19 questions, each survey (online, hardcopy or via phone) takes
approximately ten minutes to complete.
The target population consists of individuals that received a certificate and/or degree in
September, January or May of a graduating academic year from the following colleges: St.
John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; The School of Education; the College of
Professional Studies; the Tobin College of Business and the College of Pharmacy & Allied
Health Professions, inclusive of the Institute for Biotechnology on the Queens, Staten Island
and Manhattan campuses.
The Response Rate
Each year University Career Services obtains a minimum of 60% response rate from graduates
to ensure that the results are representative of the majority of degree recipients.
The Results
University Career Services provides overall placement by class level, academic college and
major from the data solicited. In addition, data is organized by the percentage of respondents
employed, furthering his/her education and seeking employment. We can also provide
employment status, company name, job title, salary range, job function, industry and the
college/university where he/she may be pursuing further education, where reported and
provided by the student.
For further information please contact us:
St John’s University Career Service
Mansoor Khan
Systems Analyst and Data Manager
Chiang Ching Kuo Hall, Room 118
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
Phone: 718-990-6364