The universal human rights system and older people’s rights

The universal
human rights
system and older
people’s rights
Human Rights Council Social
3rd April 2014
Using existing IHR instruments
• Periodic reporting
• General comments / recommendations
• Thematic studies
CEDAW snapshot: Aug 2012 – Aug 2013
• State Party reporting
• Committee’s list of issues
• GR but focus on original standards
Using existing IHR instruments
• Policy and guidance
• Drafted and adopted at different points in time
• By different bodies
• Focus on different thematic issues
A comprehensive & systematic framework
Open-ended Working Group on
Ageing (OEWGA)
Established Dec 2010 to strengthen protection of older people’s
rights by:
Considering existing IHR framework
Identifying possible gaps
Considering feasibility of new instruments
Dec 2012: consider main elements of a new legal instrument
4 sessions: April 2011; Aug 2011; Aug 2012; Aug 2013
5th session: July 30 – 1 Aug 2014
OEWGA: To date
Limited Member State registration
1st Session, 2011: 36%
2nd Session, 2011: 26%
3rd Session, 2012: 33%
4th Session, 2013: 33%
Regional imbalance in participation
Polarized discussion
OEWGA: Member States
Increased participation of African and Asian Member States
More substantive debate
Bureau ensure greater participation of older people
 Invited on to every panel
 Video links to capital
 Inclusion on Government delegations
 Consultation at national level before sessions
OEWGA: Civil society
Bring lived experience of older people to the discussions
• Engagement with Government at national level
 Different Ministries
 Capital & Mission in New York
Advocacy and campaigning
Evidence and data
Outreach to other constituencies