Student Lead Conference Script Instructions:

Student Lead Conference Script
Instructions: Read each part out loud to your parent or guardian then complete the
statement or explain what you have done or are doing. Give time for feedback from your
parent or guardian before moving on to the next scripted statement.
1. I would like to tell you about my progress and learning in World History.
2. So far this semester I have completed a Roman project [test or sculpture]. My
project was about….(tell your project)
a. I earned a …(tell your grade)
b. I earned this grade because…(explain your work)
c. **[If I earned an “A” or “B” then go to #3] otherwise go to “d”.
d. I can improve my next project by…(explain what you are going to do to
improve your project)
3. My tests scores have been…(tell your test scores)
a. **[if you have earned “A”s then move to #4] otherwise go to “b”.
b. My plan to improve my test scores is… (complete the statement)
4. Now we are learning about….(tell what you are learning about and how you are
learning about it)
5. Next we will be learning about… ( complete the statement)
6. My behavior in class has been… (complete the statement)
e. **[if you have had no discipline problems then move to #7] otherwise go
to “f”.
f. I can improve my behavior by… (complete the statement)
7. My goal this semester is to…. (complete the statement)
8. My plan for meeting this goal is… (explain your plan)
9. What questions do you have for me?