System Vocabulary System: Subsystem: Input:

System Vocabulary
System: A group of interacting parts that form a whole
Subsystem: Smaller systems within the system. The whole system
can do things that subsystems can’t do on their own.
Input: What goes into a system.
Output: What comes out of a system.
Boundaries: The conceptual lines that compose a system-these
can change depending on the purpose of studying the system.
Feedback: The process in which the output of a system provides
information used to regulate the operation of a system.
Positive Feedback: Increases the disturbance to a system.
Negative Feedback: Reduces the disturbance of a system.
Equilibrium: Balance within the system.
Changing or Equilibrium: Varies or stays the same (constant)
Static or Dynamic: Inflows and outflows are equal or not.