A.Wallace, A. Colson & P. Zimmer , 874-5600

A.Wallace, A. Colson & P. Zimmer
wallace@skitsap.wednet.edu, colson@skitsap.wednet.edu,
If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, if you have
emergency medical information you wish to share, or if you need special arrangements in case
the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with the instructor as soon as
possible. Appointments will be made with the instructor individually.
In compliance with the guidelines established by the Washington State Commission on Student
Learning, this course supports the following Essential Learning Requirements:
The student understands and uses scientific concepts and principles.
The student conducts scientific investigations to expand understanding of the natural world.
The student applies science knowledge and skills to solve problems or meet challenges.
The student uses effective communication skills and tools to build and demonstrate
understanding of science.
5. The student understands how science knowledge and skills are connected to other subject
areas and real life situations.
This course examines the composition, structure, and properties of different substances, and
the transformations that they undergo during physical and chemical changes. Student
participation includes laboratory activities, with an emphasis on mathematical problem solving
▪Glencoe Science Chemistry: Matter and Change
▪Solving Problems in Chemistry (supplemental text given in class)
▪Bring a scientific calculator and pencil to class daily. All work must be done in pencil.
▪Programmable calculators will be allowed for assignment use only. Calculators will be provided
for use during tests. Use of programmable calculators for personal entertainment will result in
the loss of privilege to use the calculator in the Chemistry classroom.
▪Purchase, and bring to class daily, a composition notebook and a 3-ring binder. All
of your notes will be taken in this single notebook for the duration of the year.
Assignments may be done on 8 ½ X 11 three holed punched lined paper (up to
teacher discretion).
The SKHS attendance, tardy, and electronic device policies will be strictly enforced. Please see
corresponding pages in your SKHS planner
Labs 20%. Behavior in lab and care of your station is part of this grade.
Tests 60%. At the end of each semester, a low test score is dropped from
eligible tests. Not all tests are eligible to be dropped. The final
exam score, which counts for two tests, may not be dropped.
Assignments /Class Participation:
20%. Class participation includes, but is not limited to preparedness,
effective use of class time, effort, and attitude and timely
completion of assignments & homework.
(These percentages are close approximations and may vary slightly from semester to semester)
Because of the cumulative nature of the Chemistry curriculum, anyone not
passing or receiving less than 67% (D+) after first semester will be strongly
advised not to continue in chemistry. Student success in Chemistry during
second semester is directly dependent upon mastery of first semester
See Student Planner for complete grading information.
Students will have enough time to finish assignments in class. Therefore, missed class
time means that work must be done at home. All due dates are posted ahead of time
and absent students are expected to meet deadlines and obligations, regardless or
PLEASE NOTE: This includes school-related and excused absences.
1. Assignments:
- Assignments will be collected at the teacher’s request.
- Assignments will be graded according to content, organization, and neatness
- Problems will be selected at random for grading, so not all problems will be
graded, assignments could be collected randomly for grading at anytime.
- If absence is excused: Work is expected upon return, unless otherwise arranged
with instructor
- If absence is unexcused: No make-up work allowed under any circumstances.
- If not absent: Work will be accepted one week late for half credit. No work is
accepted if more than one week late
2. Tests
- Everyone present in class the day a test is given must take the test, unless absent
two consecutive class periods before the test
- Since test dates are announced well in advance, tests will be made up immediately
upon return to class after an absence. Expect the make-up test to be more
- Truancy on a test day results in an automatic test failure.
- Labs will be due at the conclusion of the lab unless otherwise instructed.
- Lab make-ups may not be the same as the original.
- Truancy on any lab day results in an automatic lab failure
This is a college preparatory class and the level of commitment required to earn an
outstanding grade is extremely high. Therefore, cheating is not tolerated under any
circumstances. Any student caught cheating on an assignment, lab, or test will
experience the following consequences:
1st offense = score of "0" on the assignment or test
2nd offense = penalty "F" for the trimester
Any parental concerns can be addressed between 6:55 and 7:15 and between 1:55
p.m. - 2:20 p.m. Email is the preferred method of contact and phone messages will be
returned after school.
We look forward to teaching you this year and wish you much success in Chemistry.
Please contact your chemistry teacher if you have any questions or difficulties
throughout the school year.