• A star is: – a huge ball of burning and gases


• A star is:

– a huge ball of burning and exploding gases which gives off heat and light

– it burns for millions of years

• Star at the center of the solar system

• Huge ball of very hot gases, mostly hydrogen and helium

• Source of almost all of the energy on Earth

(plants, wind, weather)

• Brightness of a star

Apparent magnitude – how bright it seems to be from

Earth, due to their

distance from the sun

Absolute magnitude – how

bright a star really is

• Color of a star is a clue to its surface temperature

• Blue stars = hottest temperature

• Red stars = coolest temperature

• Main sequence

• A band of stars that includes most stars of average color, size, magnitude, and temperature


– Stars that increase in

brightness in the later stages of their existence


– A star that explodes

– Last Supernova in our galaxy was in 1604

• Scientists learn about stars by studying the

energy waves they send into space

• Use different kinds of telescopes