Business Plan Template Executive Summary

Business Plan Template
1. Executive Summary- Concisely describe your idea or the opportunity that you
see. Summarize how you would make money (e.g., revenue streams) on this
opportunity. Include the basic product/service, customers, and main benefit or
value proposition in this description.
2. Industry Analysis & Profile - What is happening in the industry and how will
your business fit into the mix? Do some research, even if it’s secondary research
or surveying some people.
3. Marketing Plan- How will you create an effective strategy to attract and sell to
your customer? Market research- who are your potential customers? Also, how
does your idea satisfy customer needs better than they are currently being met.
What price will you set? How would you get your idea out to potential customers?
4. Competitor Analysis & Business Strategy- Who are your existing and future
competitors and how will you compete? Consider completing a SWOT analysis.
What is the competitive advantage that would allow you to be successful in this
5. Management Team & HR- How will you be organized and bring in the
personnel to exploit this opportunity? What are the human resources that you will
need? Will you need to hire anyone? If so, who and when?
6. Finance- How will you make money and maintain financial feasibility? Complete
a pro-forma income statement and pro-forma cash budget for the first couple of
years. List any sources and uses of initial funds.
7. Conclusion- Includes identifying any further steps or research needed. Consider
the most critical assumptions in the plan. Are there any critical risk factors (e.g.,
potential weaknesses and threats) that you want to better understand? What are
your plans to overcome these risk factors?