Local recognition program template

Local recognition program template
1. Recognition program name:
2. Departmental/University objectives or values:
3. Program goals:
4. Program description:
5. Program element details:
 Description: What is the recognition or award honouring?
 Duration: How often will you recognize employees?
 Eligibility: Who is eligible? How many individuals will be recognized? Who can recognize
 Criteria: What are the specific and quantifiable criteria that need to be met?
 Evaluation and selection process: How will you evaluate and select individuals? Who will
evaluate individuals?
 Type of recognition: How will you recognize or award successful individuals?
 Equity, diversity and inclusion: Are there any barriers to an employee’s participation? Is
there flexibility to allow for employee preferences? Does the program recognize a variety of
skills and contributions? Are program tools, resources and communications accessible?
 Constraints: What are program constraints? (e.g. Ineligibility, costs, taxation of prizes,
 Presentation and celebration: How will you celebrate the recipient(s)?
o Should the recognition be public or private?
o Who should attend?
o What type of recognition would the person really value?
o How will the achievement be shared with the community? (e.g. Website, newsletter,
 Communications: What communications will you use to introduce/promote/sustain the
program (e.g. electronic, printed, social media, etc.)? Who will send the communications?
How often will you communicate? Who will help champion the program?
 Program costs: Consider costs associated with any awards, communications,
celebrations, etc.