Enrich: Repository and Research System Integration William J Nixon

Enrich: Repository and
Research System Integration
William J Nixon
Enrich Project Manager, University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow and the REF
• Submitted data on 1358 staff and more than
22,000 publications across 27 UoAs
• For comparison we submitted c.5000 outputs
across 48 UoAs for RAE 2008
• Checked 7000 ‘additional’ publications
identified in Web of Science by Symplectic
and accepted around a third of these
• WoS data now available for ingest into the
Enrich: Background and Drivers
• Mature and well established institutional repository
service (since 2001) at Glasgow
• A “hybrid” repository with over 4900 records for
published research outputs
• Publications policy approved by University Senate in
June 2008
• Library engagement and participation in the RAE and
the REF Pilot - working with Research & Enterprise
• Strong relationships between the Library’s repository
managers and the University academic community
• Well developed Research Management System
• Recognition that the repository cannot move forward
as a disconnected data silo
Enrich: Key Objectives
• Delivering a comprehensive University-wide
repository which will also act as a central publications
database (going back to at least 2001)
• Enhancing usability for depositors with links to the
University’s Research System using SSO
• Effectively managing the content in the repository
including usage statistics and monthly deposit reports
• Providing clear deposit policies and workflows with
academic departments and faculties
• Creating staff profile pages on the web using data
from core institutional systems including Enlighten
and the Research System
• Ensuring compliance with funders’ open access grant
and award policies
• Improving publicity and dissemination of research
Enrich: Three Key Elements for Success
• Relationships
Strong relationships between repository managers
and staff at all levels are vital in supporting the deposit
of content.
• Systems and Processes
Technical and administrative processes needed to
join-up the existing elements of the research lifecycle
which will facilitate the ease of deposit.
• Policies
Management and monitoring of both the University’s
Publication Policy and those of our funders to ensure
Integration Opportunities
• Two way links between Enlighten and the Research
System (autocomplete and look-up features)
• Automated alerts from the Research System which
highlight to researchers that they must deposit their
papers in an appropriate repository, in line with their
grant conditions
• Reports showing Projects/Funders and associated
• Training programme for Library and Research and
Enterprise staff to better understand each other’s
systems and facilities (and opportunities to improve
the systems)
Enrich will:
• Enable us to effectively implement the University’s
Publication Policy for mandatory full text deposit from
September 2008 onwards
• Establish links between currently disconnected
• Provide a suite of management information reports
and supporting actions which ensure our Publications
Policy is effective
• Ensure a vast increase in the number of awards in the
Research System that are made public
• Maintain a watching brief on the REF and associated
repository tools and projects including I-Wire and R4R
Questions and Discussion
William J Nixon (w.j.nixon@lib.gla.ac.uk)