Rules for drawing Lewis Structures (PLEASE USE A PENCIL!!!!!!!... What is a single, double and triple bond? How...

Rules for drawing Lewis Structures (PLEASE USE A PENCIL!!!!!!! PLEASE)
What is a single, double and triple bond? How many electrons are involved in each?
1) COUNT valence electrons. This number of electrons must appear in your structure.
Note: Add electrons for anions and subtract electrons for cations.
2) DRAW skeleton structure with all single bonds. Element written first is usually in the
center because it is least electronegative and most willing to share electrons.
3) ADD lone electron pairs so that octet rule is followed for all atoms except H.
4) COUNT electrons in structure – if this number matches #1, then you’re done!
If this number is greater than #1, then follow steps 5-7 below.
If this number is less than #1, then follow step 8 below.
5) CREATE a double bond between two atoms (but never with H).
6) ELIMINATE 1 lone pair from each of the atoms in the double bond,
so that octet rule is followed.
7) RECOUNT ELECTRONS – if this number matches #1 you’re done.
If this number is still greater than #1, then repeat steps 5-7.
You may create another double bond or even a triple bond if necessary.
8) ADD lone electron pairs to central atom until the number of electrons in the structure
match the number of valence electrons from #1.
9) PLACE BRACKETS around any ion and include the charge outside the brackets.
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