FSCN 430 Fire Service Personnel Administration FSU Course Description:

FSCN 430 Fire Service Personnel Administration
FSU Course Description:
Basic and advanced concepts and processes of designing, implementing, and
administering the personnel functions of fire service organizations. Emphasis is
placed on human resource planning, job classification, job analysis, equal
opportunity organizations and resources, affirmative action, recruitment, retention,
development, performance evaluation, and assessment centers.
FSU Course Outcomes:
Upon the completion of this course the student will
1. Analyze the societal influences and issues affecting personnel
2. Explain potential personnel management issues that may result in legal
3. Explain employment laws as they apply to fire and emergency services.
4. Identify the rules, procedures, laws and policies as related to personnel
management issues on the local, state, and federal levels.
5. Analyze personnel management issues to include recruitment through
6. Develop recommendations and solutions to personnel management
7. Explain contemporary personnel management issues facing fire and
emergency services today.
8. Describe how organizational development and differences in leadership
styles relate to personnel relationships.
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