Consumer Responsibilities & Responsibilities

Consumer Responsibilities & Responsibilities
_____ Students on a college campus boycott
1. To be informed
Nike because they believe the
company’s products are produced in
third-world sweat shops
_____ A potential car buyer reads consumer
reports to find out which vehicles have
2. To choose
the highest safety ratings
_____ A customer contacts the local health
3. To be reasonable
inspector to report suspicious sanitation
practices at an ice cream parlor
_____ The mother of a child with peanut
4. To report
allergies examines the product labels
for several brands of prepackaged
cookies before using them as a snack
_____ A buyer checks the price and
5. To be involved in
warranties for a Nintendo Wii at several
retailers before deciding to purchase
one from Best Buy
_____ Instead of seeking a remedy for a
defective device, a cell phone user
asks the company for information on
how to fix a phone that was dropped in
a puddle
6. To be honest
Consumer Responsibilities & Responsibilities
The Consumer Bill of Rights states that every person has seven basic rights. Match
the consumer issue on the left with the appropriate consumer right.
1. An automaker recalls its new
model after some of its seat
belts fail to keep children safe.
Right to be heard
2. A restaurant asks you to fill out
a comment card after eating
your meal.
Right to choose
3. An advertisement for a new TV
informs the consumer about the
total cost and interest rate.
Right to service
4. An electronics store displays
three competing brands of
computers for sale.
Right to safety
5. A shoe store replaces your new
shoes after you discover a
problem with the stitching of
the leather.
Right to be
6. Consumer Reports provides
product information and
reviews to consumers who are
researching different models of
Right to have
problems corrected
7. You pay an auto-repair service
to rebuild your car’s engine.
Right to consumer