Mrs. Jones Class December 7-18 Newsletter Reading Targets

Mrs. Jones Class
December 7-18 Newsletter
Math Targets
Reading Targets
December 7-11 and December 14-182.OA.1- I can use addition and subtraction
within 100 to solve one step word
problems involving situations of adding
to, taking from, putting together, taking
apart, and comparing with unknowns in
all positions.
December 7-11- 2.RL.2B- I can identify
the main idea of the selection. I will
explain the lesson, moral, or main idea of
the text.
December 14-18- 2.RL.9- I can compare
and contrast two or more versions of the
same story.
Spelling Words
December 7-11- sister, heard, second, number, tiger, another, earth, wonder, person,
above, brother, doctor, father, family
December 14-18- try, hurry, worry, carrot, borrow, spy, sleepy, mirror, carry, sorry,
hungry, laugh, whole, bury
Science and Social Studies
A lot of the students are starting to lose
their scissors, expo markers, and pencils.
If you can provide any of these school
supplies for our classroom we would greatly
appreciate it! We are in need of more
prizes for our prize box as well! Also, if
your child can bring a clean old sock to
erase their boards with that would help
them out! Thanks for your support!
We are continuing our unit on sound. We
are learning about how sound is made and
the different vibrations it has.
In Social Studies we are learning a unit
on Holidays Around the World. We will
“visit” many different countries and learn
about the way they celebrate different