The House of the Spirits Journal Response Project

The House of the Spirits
Journal Response Project
For each of the chapters (13) you are to include: (Be sure to have Page # references
for all examples.)
1. A 2-4 sentence summary of the most important plot elements of that chapter.
2. A list of interesting Vocabulary Words and/or Quotations with an
accompanying explanation for your inclusion of some of your choices.
3. 2-4 Literary Devices and a description of how the Allende uses this particular
device for this novel.
4. Either a Question. Or a significant observation. Or a personal
connection/reflection with an element of the chapter.
5. A Drawing/Sketch/Artistic interaction to an element of the chapter
accompanied by a sentence or two explanation of your thinking.
Due: Two weeks after completing the discussion of the novel in class. An early
chapter submission will be turned in to check to see if you are on track.