Trade Show Company Profile

Trade Show Company Profile
Name of Company:
Group Members:
To truly understand a product you need to have knowledge of the history of the
company and its products or services. You will create a PowerPoint slide show profiling
your company. Make sure each section is completed thoroughly. You need to have at
least 8 slides.
1. History of the Company:
 When did the company begin? Who founded the organization? Where is
it located? Where does the business main operation occur? How has the
business changed over time?
2. Organization:
 Who is the owner? Manager?
 sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership
 Is it a franchise? How many locations are there?
3. Marketing Mix (product, place, price, promotion)
4. Major Competitors:
5. Competitive advantages and disadvantages:
6. Target Markets
 Demographic, psychographic: describe their target markets in detail. Put
a picture of an ideal customer in your slide show and describe…
7. Other interesting information:
 Are there any guiding principles or values?
 Have they won any awards or received special recognition?
 Anything else???
Annotated Bibliography: document at least 2 sources for your information
DUE: Friday before spring break…