POV Analysis Examples Document 1

POV Analysis Examples
Document 1
Example 1:
“As a health reformer, Edwin Chadwick is motivated to focus on the
poor living conditions of residents in industrial cities. He wants to bring
attention to the need for changing living conditions in such
environments, so he accentuates the negative in his official report. In
addition, a report such as this would likely be meant to influence the
English government to carry out his desired health reforms, so
Chadwick’s report must be persuasive by highlighting the squalor of an
industrial city.”
Document 2
Example 1:
“Flora Tristan is a socialist, so that means that she is concerned with
improving the welfare of workers. Therefore, it makes sense that her
writing emphasizes the darker side of industrialization – in particular
the poor treatment of workers on the job as well as their miserable
living conditions.”
Example 2:
“The information provided by Tristan about the working and living
conditions in Manchester is likely credible considering she wrote this in
her personal journal. Personal journals, like a diary, are meant to be
read only by the author and not the general public. Because of this, she
would have little reason to exaggerate the conditions of Manchester’s
working class.”