do not

Plant Kingdom
Plants without vascular tissue
Plants that have flowers are
Plants that do not have a fruit
that covers the seeds are
The two kinds of angiosperms
 __________________
What is the female part of a
What are the male structures of
a flower?
(two seed leaves, netted veined leaves,
flower parts in 4's 5's, stem vascular
bundles in a ring, taproots)
How is water transported
through these plants?
What is found on these?
(one seed leaf, parallel veins,
flower parts in 3's, stem vascular
bundles scattered, fibrous roots)
What is pollination?
________(each contains 2 sperms)
What is self pollination?
What is cross pollination?
pollen lands on the pistil of
_________ plant
pollen lands on the pistil of
___________ plant
Explain the origin of the seed
and the fruit in an angiosperm.
Why is it called as double
 __________________________________
...the ovary becomes _______
 __________________________________
...the ovules become __________ of the pollen sperm fertilizes
the ______
... other sperm unites with 2 nuclei
to form a 3n endosperm (food for
the embryo plant inside the seed)
How does fertilization occur in
 __________________________________
 __________________________________
 __________________________________
Where does pollination occur?
___ (__________)
Where does fertilization occur in
this flower? ___ (__________)
What is the function of A?
To make ________
What is it called? __________
The following illustration is a
stamen. Name the labeled part
and tell its function.
_______, to produce
The arrow is pointing to male or
female pine cone? _________
What does this illustration
represent? cross-section of a ____
What is the significance of this
_______________ mostly occurs.
What is vegetative reproduction?
... growth of a new plant without
_______________ reproduction to
make exact copy of original plant.
 grafting
 budding
 cuttings
This is a cross section of a plant
root. The arrow is pointing to
the xylem or
What two properties of water
are important in its movement
up a plant?
...________________ and
What is the purpose of xylem?
...vascular tissue made of dead
plant cells that transports
__________ and dissolved
What is the purpose of phloem?
...vascular tissue made of living
cells that transports
_____________ synthesized in the
leaves to other parts of the plant.
What is phototropism?
What is geotropism?
What is thigmotropism?
... plant respond to _________ by
the stems bending towards
...plant respond to ____________
(stems grow upward and roots
grow downward)
…plants respond to ________
Vines develop tendrils that coil
around support.