World War II, Part 2: The Holocaust Goal 10

World War II, Part 2:
The Holocaust
Goal 10
Essential Idea #1
Nazis stripped Jews of their rights and
ultimately tried to exterminate them.
The Event: The
Who Nazi Targeted:
Disabled, Gypsies,
homosexuals, and
slavic people
Who Nazis especially
Nuremberg Laws
Nuremberg Laws:
Laws that
discriminated against
Jews and stripped
them of citizenship
A Jew Resists
November 7, 1938:
A Jew killed a German
diplomat as an act of
revenge against
Hitler Responds
Hitler was furious
Hitler ordered his
minister of
propaganda, Joseph
Goebbels, to stage a
Means “night of broken
Nazi storm troopers
destroyed Jewish
property and terrorized
Jewish families
•90 Jews died, and 7,500 businesses and 180 synagogues were destroyed
Jews Trying to Leave
Jew Try to Escape:
Over 350,000 Jews left
Germany, including Albert
Many tried to come to the
United States
Where did the most Jews go?
Did all the Jews that wanted refuge get it?
Jews Turned Away
As World War II approached, many Jews were
turned away
They were poor (Germans took their money
before they left)
Some Americans felt the Jews would take jobs
The World at Fault?
Fate of Those Denied:
 Returned to Germany, where many died
in the Holocaust
 Germany was not the only country at fault
 Was the United States at fault too?
Steps to the “Final Solution”
The three steps the Nazis used to kill the
Jews were ____________________,
_____________________, and
Step 1: Emigration
Jews tried to move to other countries
Why it did not satisfy the Nazis:
Many countries sent the Jews back
Step 2: Segregation
Jews were herded
into isolated
communities (dirty,
crowded, diseased)
The Ghettos
They were then
murdered and placed
in mass graves (by
mobile killing squads)
The Final Solution
Step 3: Extermination
Jews were transported to
detention centers known
as concentration camps
Concentration camps:
In the camps, Jews
worked as slaves
The Concentration Camps
Jews died of starvation, exhaustion, and disease
Many Jews were executed in gas chambers
Over 6 million Jews were killed Map of the Holocaust
World War II, Part 3:
America Enters the
Goal 10
Essential Idea #2
America finally entered WWII following
Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.
Isolationists vs. FDR
Who: Most Americans
Stance: isolationist – stay OUT
of World War 2
Action: Supported the Neutrality
Who: FDR
Stance: America should get
Action: Quarantine Speech –
countries should keep the Axis
Powers contained
Getting Around the Neutrality Act
FDR’s strategy:
Find ways to fight the Axis Powers while
technically staying neutral
Destroyers for Bases Deal
Strategy #1: Destroyers for
Bases Deal
What it was:
United States gave old
destroyers to Britain
Britain let the United States
build military bases in Britain
How it was legal under the
Neutrality Act:
America was trading war
materials, not selling them
Lend-Lease Act
Strategy #2: Lend Lease Act
What it was:
The United States rented war
supplies to Britain
FDR said it was a matter of national
How it was legal under the Neutrality
America was leasing war materials,
not selling them
FDR’s “Four Freedoms” Speech
The Speech: FDR’s Four Freedoms
Freedom #1: Freedom of speech
Freedom #2: Freedom of worship
Freedom #3: Freedom from want
Freedom #4: Freedom from fear
Leading up to Pearl Harbor
Cause of Tension #1:
FDR decided to use trade to slow
Japan’s aggression
FDR authorized an embargo on
Japan, cutting off oil and war
(Japan was so mad that they
formally joined the Axis Powers)
To where has Germany and Italy expanded?
Help the Communists?
Cause of Tension #2:
In 1941, Hitler broke the
Non-Aggression Pact and
attacked the Soviet Union
Hitler Invades the USSR
(big mistake!)
FDR extended LendLease to the Soviet Union
FDR also extended LendLease to China, Japan’s
Pearl Harbor Attacked
December 7, 1941:
Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, a naval base in Hawaii
The attack destroyed 8 battleships, 188 airplanes, killed 2,403, and injured
Images of Pearl
America at War
On December 8th, FDR made
a speech that called the attack
a “date which will live in
The United States declared
war on Japan, and two days
later Germany and Italy
declared war on the United