Genetic Disorders and Diseases

Genetic Disorders
Genetic Disorders
Turner’s Syndrome
• Turner syndrome
• "Gonadal dysgenesis" encompasses
several conditions, of which monosomy
X (absence of an entire sex
chromosome) is most common.
Turner’s Syndrome
• Occurring in 1 out of every 2500 girls
Characteristics are
• short stature
• broad chest
low hairline
• low-set ears
webbed necks
Girls with Turner Syndrome
• Gonadal dysfunction
(non-working ovaries)
• Amenorrhea
• (absence of menstrual cycle)
• Sterility.
Color Blindness
Color blindness or color vision
deficiency is the inability to perceive
differences between some colors
It is most often of genetic nature, but
may also occur because of eye, nerve,
or brain damage, or exposure to
certain chemicals.
Color blindness is sometimes classed
as a disability, however, in certain
situations color blind individuals have
an advantage over those with normal
color vision.
There are some studies which
conclude that color blind individuals
are better at penetrating certain color
camouflages and it has been
suggested that this may be the
evolutionary explanation for the
surprisingly high frequency of
congenital red-green color blindness