Newsletter 2/28-3/4 Dear Families:

Newsletter 2/28-3/4
Dear Families:
This week we read more of The Watson's go to Birmingham and discussed reading
strategies such as character traits, cause and effect, and making inferences. We will
continue our read along of this book for the next few weeks in class.
We also learned about our Bill of Rights and their importance through watching a
Brainpop video and doing activities within our Social Studies Weekly. We will continue
our discussion of the Bill of Rights with an in class project later this week that we will
use to educate others about the Bill of Rights.
Students will be working with our new Wordly Wise lesson #10 words through the use
of games, our workbook, and the iPads to practice the vocabulary. iPads will also be
used to do an in class activity using Tellagami and quality research sites to practice our
research and technology skills.
The classes have been practicing their math skills through doing some math problems
from the EOG prep book and the and EOG on line questions from the state website. It
has been beneficial to go through the problems as a group and to practice the various
formulas and to study our math vocabulary and strategies.
Parents please continue to encourage your student to complete homework assignments,
Accelerated Math and to fill out their Hugo reading log. Two submitted Hugo reading
logs can earn a student admission to the Hugo assembly later on in the year and to help us
work toward our class goal of 100% participation for a class treat.
Please kindly return signed progress reports.
Important Dates:
Box tops Tuesday, March 1st
Early Release Day, Wednesday, March 16th
Have a great week!
Jennifer O'Connor