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Group #5 VOCABULARY words
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Part of
Definition –
Use it in a sentence & add context clues:
Counter –
To say or do something in opposition to something else.
Cunning (adj.)
Sly, crafty or clever.
Isabel will always counter her friends’ arguments; she
goes against the crowd because she likes to be
Marty the magician is cunning; he fools people all the
time with his magic tricks.
Debris –
Defiance –
Remains of destroyed or discarded materials; wreckage.
Debris and rubble were everywhere after the tornado hit
and destroyed our town; torn up houses and clothes
were strewn across the landscape.
An act of refusal or resistance to an opposing force or
Prometheus was in defiance of Zeus when he stole
fire from the gods, giving it to man. He acted against
Zeus’ orders.
Jut –
Kindle –
To extend sharply outward; to project or stick out.
As we climbed Mt. Everest we encountered sharp rocks
jutting from the mountain’s surface; some stuck out far
and were dangerous to climbers.
To build or start a fire; to excite a feeling or idea.
After Emma kindled a fire in the hearth, a great new
idea was kindled in her mind. Suddenly she knew how
to spread warmth and friendship to a somber friend.
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Definition –
Part of
Use it in a sentence & add context clues:
A small, rounded hill.
Knoll –
Our habitat is perched on a knoll, so we are able to see
for miles because it is above the valley.
Luminous –
Specimen –
Giving off light; shining.
A halo shining over Athena’s head was so luminous
that we were almost blinded.
Something studied by scientists or doctors as an example
of a set of things or systems.
Dr. Scoon drew a specimen of the athlete’s blood after
he injured himself. He wanted to make sure the player
had no internal injuries.
The ability to resist fatigue or illness; endurance.
Stamina –
Running the pacer in P.E. tests your stamina. If you
last past 40 laps you have strong endurance.
To become less active or intense or agitated.
Subside –
Winter’s bitter winds and snow will subside as soon as
Spring arrives; chilly winds and snow will melt away.
Swagger –
To walk in a way that makes it look as if you think
you’re important or confident; strut.
Jeff, after winning the soccer tournament walked with
a swagger, he was so imperious.
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a. Word
c. Synonym
Side 2
b. P.O.S.
d. Antonym
e. picture
a. Definition
b. Your own sentence with context clues.