Renaissance Study Guide - KEY

Renaissance Study Guide - KEY
1. The Renaissance roughly covers the years of 1300-1600
2. Definition of Secular: Worldly (non religious).
3. Definition of Humanism: Emphasizing human potential and achievement
4. People who supported, purchased, and commissioned artists and artwork are known as
Patrons of the arts.
5. The Printing press helped spread Renaissance ideas.
6. What were the three reasons the Renaissance began in Italy?
Thriving cities, rich merchant class, Classical heritage of ancient Greece and Rome
7. Who wrote the book “Utopia”? Thomas More
8. Who wrote the book “The Praise of Folly”? Erasmus
9. Setting up the foundation of democratic ideas is a lasting impact of the Renaissance.
10. Someone who excelled in many areas of study (art, philosophy, education, etc) is known
as a Renaissance Man.
11. Johan Guttenberg invented the printing press.
12. Unlike Italian Renaissance artists, northern artists tended to be more interested in
Religion and social reform
13. What devastating event wiped out millions of people in Europe? The Black Death
14. What was the Renaissance a rebirth of? Art & Learning
15. Define vernacular: Native or local language