Español V Honors

Español V Honors
la Señora Patelunas
E-mail address: [email protected]
Learning a second language opens a whole new world for
you. It is a skill that you will use for the rest of
your life. Take full advantage of this opportunity!
Students will learn to communicate in Spanish through the development of listening, speaking,
reading and writing skills. Students will build a firm foundation of vocabulary and grammatical
structures, while gaining an understanding of the cultures of Spanish speaking countries.
Academic Expectations
Class Participation:
To be successful in this class, you must participate fully in all class activities. Full participation
means you will:
Be in class at the bell with all required materials.
Sit in your assigned seat and be ready to FOCUS on learning.
Complete all assignments on time.
Ask for help when you don’t understand something.
Contribute to class discussions and group activities.
Always follow the Classroom Principles of Respect and Responsibility.
The quarterly grade is a weighted average of scores earned on various assignments. The weight of
each assignment is based on its scope and whether it is formative or summative. Students will earn
grades on tests, quizzes, CPAs, listening/reading comprehension, written paragraphs and
dialogues, projects, presentations, classwork, speaking Spanish in the classroom and
homework. In addition, notebook checks may be done throughout the year.
Retake Policy:
Students may retake one quiz per quarter. Not all quizzes will be eligible for a retake. The student
must complete all homework, make corrections on the original quiz, and come in for additional
help during Block 8 or by appointment before or after school. All retakes must be completed
within one week after the grade is posted in Phoenix. The retake grade will be averaged with the
original grade.
Written Assignments (note: You may not use a translator program for any assignment.):
All written paragraphs or compositions must be double-spaced unless indicated otherwise by
the teacher. The assignment heading should include your name, class level and period, the date
the assignment is due and name of the assignment. Write clearly! If I cannot read a
word/punctuation mark on an assignment, it will be marked wrong.
Frequent practice is essential to learning another language, therefore I will assign homework for
most classes. Homework is due at the beginning of class. Unexcused written homework may be
completed for half credit during Block 8. Late homework only will be accepted until the test date
for the corresponding unit.
Make-up work:
Make-up work for excused absences is due the next class after the day you return. You are
responsible for all class notes, calentamientos (warm-ups), instructions and assignments given
during class. You will find classwork and homework assignments on my page on the PFHS
Website. Handouts are available in class. Special arrangements can be made for extended
absences. All quizzes and tests must be made up in a timely manner during Block 8 or before/after
Class Procedures
Please bring the following supplies to class:
 3-ring binder with pockets and the following sections:
 Syllabus/Resources,
 Activity Logs,
 Vocabulary,
 Readings / Writing, and
 Geography / Culture;
 pencil, pen (any color that can be seen easily except red) and a highlighter; and
 other supplies pertinent to a particular assignment or project, such as index cards, glue sticks,
poster boards, etc..
Entering Class:
Upon entering the class, you will:
 Sit quietly in your assigned seat. All materials not being used should be stored under the desk.
 Write the homework assignment, listed on the promethean board, in your Agenda.
 Place your completed homework assignment on your desk.
 Complete the warm-up exercise on a “Calentamiento” form or other paper according to the
Passes: Students must have a pass signed by the teacher to leave the room.
Ipods are not allowed in class. At the bell, cell phones must be turned off and placed in your
Eating/Drinking: You may eat snacks and drink beverages from bottles with closeable tops. You
must clean up after yourself.
Dismissal: The bell does not dismiss the class. Please remain seated and attentive until I dismiss
Sometimes we all need a little extra help. I am available during Block 8, and before or after school
(by appointment) if you need help with anything we are covering in class.