Cell Unit Review Sheet Be able to:

Be able to:
Cell Unit Review Sheet
1. Define all vocab words
2. State the three parts of the cell theory and know which scientists
came up with which theories.
3. Know the other scientists from the cell portfolio
4. ID plant and animal cell structures from a diagram
5. Be able to explain the significance of ATP.
6. Know the structure and function of all the organelles from the
organelle chart in your portfolio.
7. Know the differences between a prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell.
8. Know the differences between plant and animal cells.
9. Review all of the reading guides in your portfolio.
10. Know which molecules can travel through the cell membrane via
diffusion, facilitated diffusion, bulk transport, and active transport
11. Know the difference between diffusion, osmosis, and facilitated
12. Review hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic solutions.
13. Be able to explain why the cell membrane is often referred to as the
Fluid Mosaic Model.
14. Think about why cells are small. This info can be found in your
textbook. There is a reason that they cannot get too big.