February 13, 2015 Dear _____________,

February 13, 2015
Dear _____________,
Hello. My name is Traci and I am a fifth grader in
Mooresville, North Carolina. I am so happy I drafted your
team because I have been following them for as long as I
can remember. My dad is a huge fan and we watch every
Sunday. I play softball so I love sports!
My math class completed an NFL data project. We
collected data for teams and I drafted the Bears. I used
the data to analyze your team and have thought about
what you need to do to be a better team (even though
you are awesome already!).
After looking at your data, I have noticed that your
team had a GREAT week on week 13 of the season! Your
team passed for 358 yards! Wow! I noticed your defense
only allows an average of 19 points a game. Great
defense! Your team definitely passed more than you
rushed, as your passed 206.8 yards per game and rushed
139.4 yards per game.
After looking at the data I think you should draft, a
new wide receiver to support your passing game and
make it more consistent like week 13. You should also
look for some offensive linemen to help your running
backs rush more for greater yards.
Thank you for considering my information and
opinions. I really enjoyed watching and following your
team this year. Hopefully a good draft and great practice
will help your team be more successful next year! I look
forward to seeing your team next year.
Thank you!