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Preparing for Change
My Goal: I can look at the way I handle change in my life.
What to Do: Answer questions 1 through 4 thoroughly, citing specifics by giving examples to
illustrate and support your answer.
You and Change
1. Do you adjust to change easily? Explain.
2. Do changes occur for the best? Explain.
3. Do you enjoy learning new skills? Explain.
4. Would you rather that things remain the same? Explain.
Critical Thinking
1. Give an example of change you have had to make recently. For example, you might have changed your school
schedule or changed your general routine at home. Describe your experience and how you handled the change.
2. In general, describe the way you accept and prepare for change.
3. Are you satisfied with the way you handle change? Explain.
4. What can you do now to help yourself adjust more easily to change in the future?